Legal requirements


This publicity is subject to error and possible changes. Use of the website implies that the user respects the legal context surrounding this site. This page describes this legal context. If necessary, it may be modified without prior notice.


1. Responsible for the personal data collected on the site www.hotelessenza.be

The company Hotel Essenza BVBA (hereinafter referred to as “Hotel Essenza”) is responsible for the personal data that may occasionally be collected on the site www.hotelessenza. Its registered office is at Essendries 2,2870 Puurs. The company is registered under the number BE 0466.118.751. Hotel Essenza can be contacted by telephone on the number 03 288 33 33, by fax on the number 03 288 33 34 and via the following e-mail address: info@hotelessenza.be. Your personal data will be handled by Hotel Essenza in full compliance with the legislation on the protection of privacy, including the law of 8 December 1992, as amended by the transposing law of 11 December 1998 and which came into force following the publication of the Royal Decree of 13 February 2001.

2. Use of personal data provided voluntarily

The purpose of the collection of personal data on www.hotelessenza.be:

to respond positively to the requests made by Internet surfers during their visit to the site;
optimise the management of the site and the customer administration;
to optimize the quality of the service offered to surfers;
carrying out market studies and drawing up visitor statistics.
keep visitors regularly informed of activities or new services offered by the Hotel Essenza, as well as of any new offer of goods or services that may be of interest to them;
carry out direct marketing campaigns;
pass on personal data to companies that have a link with Hotel Essenza so that these companies can offer products or services

By providing these data voluntarily, the Internet user grants Hotel Essenza permission to use these data for the purposes described above.

Any other use requires the prior and specific consent of the Internet user.

3. Navigation variables and cookies

During a connection to a site, certain data, called navigation variables, are automatically transmitted to the site by the navigation software of the Internet surfer. This data includes the TCP/IP address (a number that identifies a computer on the network), the make and version of the browser and the operating system and the last internet page consulted. Hotel Essenza undertakes not to make any use whatsoever of this information. Hotel Essenza uses cookies. These “cookies” are small files originating from a web server used by the visitor. They are placed on the hard disk of his computer. In this case, the cookies remember the choice of language, which will enable the surfer to access the website more quickly at a later date and make his visit run more smoothly. This data is stored on his computer for a limited period of 1 year.

Since the Internet surfer always has the option of adapting the configuration of his computer to refuse cookies, by visiting the site he authorises Hotel Essenza to collect and process his personal data (possibly also by means of cookies) only for the purposes mentioned under point 2. above. The use of personal data for the purposes described under point 3. shall also be subject to the prior consent of the person concerned. This permission must be sent to the following address : info@Hotel Essenza.be.

4. The Internet user has control over the data relating to him/her.
In general, the Internet user has the right to object, free of charge, to the processing of personal data with a view to direct marketing.

The Internet user has the right to consult, check and correct his personal data, and possibly also to have incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data removed.

Any request to this effect may be addressed to :

either by e-mail to the following address : info@Hotel Essenza.be
or by letter to the data controller at the following address:
Hotel Essenza BVBA
Essendries 2
2870 Puurs

5. Consult the legislation

The public register for the processing of personal data can be consulted at the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, at the following address:
Commission for the Protection of Privacy
Public registry service
Hallepoortlaan 5-8
1060 Brussels 3

Tel:+32(0) 2 / 542.72.00 or +32(0)2/ 542.72.31
E-Mail: E-mail: commission@privacy.fgov.be

7. Urgent cases

Hotel Essenza makes every effort to prevent unauthorised access to the personal data of Internet users. For this reason, Hotel Essenza follows strict procedures that promote security, both in the collection and storage of these data. Hotel Essenza may take all measures necessary for the proper management of the website and its computer systems. To this end, it may at any time have access to all information and communications or any other element stored on the website and/or in the system.

Hotel Essenza may pass on personal information about Internet users at the request of the legally competent authority, or even on its own initiative, if it considers in good faith that the passing on of such information is necessary to comply with laws and regulations, or to defend the rights or property of Hotel Essenza, of the website www.hotelessenza.be or of its users, or even, in extreme circumstances, to ensure the security of Hotel Essenza or of its customers, of www.hotelessenza.be and/or of its users.


1. Admission for personal use

In accordance with the law of 30 June 1994, the Internet user reserves the right to download and reproduce information from www.hotelessenza.be, insofar as these actions are intended for strictly personal use.

Any other reproduction, distribution, distribution to the public and/or re-use in any form whatsoever (in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently) of the website or of any other element covered by Hotel Essenza’s intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Hotel Essenza, as soon as this activity pursues a purpose other than strictly and exclusively personal use.

Any request for further information or for permission to use Hotel Essenza’s intellectual property must be sent to info@hotelessenza.be and the absence of an answer to a request for permission must be considered as a refusal on the part of Hotel Essenza.

2. Hotel Essenza respects the law on intellectual property rights

www.hotelessenza.be may contain elements that are partly or completely the intellectual property of third parties. These elements are covered, mutatis mutandis, by the provisions set out in the points above.

Any person who believes that his or her intellectual property rights have been infringed by www.hotelessenza.be is requested to contact Hotelessenza via info@hotelessenza.be, to report the problem and to provide a precise description of the disputed content that he or she wishes to have removed or to which access must be terminated. Hotel Essenza will deal with the complaints without delay and will take all necessary measures as soon as possible if the complaints prove to be justified.


1. Limitation of responsibility of Hotel Essenza

www.hotelessenza.be was developed with the greatest care. It is an exclusively informative and evolving site offered to the public. Hotel Essenza cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, of any nature or extent, that may be caused directly or indirectly by visiting the site, or in general by any use of www.hotelessenza.be.

2. Links to other sites on the HOTEL ESSENZA website

www.hotelessenza.be contains hypertext links to external websites and references to other sources of information. These links and sources are given to internet users for information purposes only. They are not the result of any form of sponsorship or support nor of any other links to these sites or sources of information.

Hotel Essenza has no control over these sites or their content and therefore cannot give any guarantee regarding the information provided or the presentation of the sites. Hotel Essenza declines all responsibility for any damage which may be caused by the consultation of information provided on external websites or in other sources of information to which www.hotelessenza refers, irrespective of the nature, extent, cause or consequences of that damage.

3. Prior permission is required to provide a link to the Hotel Essenza

If someone wishes to create a hypertext link of any kind on a website to www.hotelessenza.be, they are obliged to obtain prior written and specific permission from an authorised person in charge of Hotel Essenza. An application must be submitted to the following address: info@hotelessenza.be and the absence of an answer shall be considered as a refusal to grant permission.

Anyone who does not respect this procedure shall be liable to prosecution before the competent authorities.

Under no circumstances may Hotel Essenza be held responsible for the content of external websites containing a hypertext link to the Hotel Essenza site, even if Hotel Essenza had authorised this link.